「 Divine Dreamers 」 by Memory Cards

「 Divine Dreamers 」

Artist: Memory Cards


「 Divine Dreamers 」 Lyrics & Chords By Memory Cards

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"I know a god who controls all physical power. With his help he will be able to generate the impulses needed to attract a multitude of lovers. His name is CAPTAIN MURPHY! He's the...read more

Let me transmit this dick in your pleasure receptor You can bask in my eroticisms and natural nectors No pressure, I can tell you feelin' sexy from your bodily gestures And my...read more

[] X 6 Purple lean Got me fucked up Got me fucked up Got me fucked up I'm a project ghost, I'm a hood apparition Murder on my mind; money is my mission Dro I been...read more

aye yo, kimochi come put yo big ass on me wei wei, shinai no her boobs so big, pantsu hang low pon pon, susumu bitch let me get a look at you onii-chan say he like it yo ...read more

Hoeish ass bitch keep running that mouth Got a couple dumb guns put 'em right in your mouth I don't ride with no suckers I don't ride with no buster When I smile all you see is...read more

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