1 Foot In 1 Foot Out Lyrics & Chords By Shy Glizzy

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Roll that shit up Bang bang Glizzy Gang Gang Gang Glizzy Gang we the underdogs All for one, one for all Errybody know we fucking ball Choppers sound like thunderbolts Shot myself with a Colt Now I don't play with shit but Glocks But I gotta couple Rugers that'll make your ass go in the vault Teacher told me boy you ain't gon' get no job So I dropped out and started selling hard Then I started a mob, and we started to rob If we can shoot up a block then let's shoot for the stars My life is so violent My niggas keep on wilding This gun ain't got no license You better keep on driving I ball like Ray Allen I shoot like Ray Allen Granny told me streets gon' kill you boy stay out it I can't believe I'm living That's such a great feeling They gave my partner Juvie life judge say she hate children This shit is authentic I want bout eight children I keep slam dunking in bitches just like Blake Griffin I do not give a fuck I do this shit for us They just snatched my cousin up he hit an armored truck I don't know who trust Niggas'll set you up And shit so fucked up a 1000 bucks will wet you up These niggas straight actors The streets is not backing Ain't know none of these niggas before I started rapping They say you almost there They want me to stop trapping If the plug front me some bricks then I might stop rapping Aww

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