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I can't see smoke hanging like a noose in the sky. I can't see death lurking, only you and I. We're small cogs in a big machine, wake up son 'cos it's no dream. Go . . more

Running short on imagination Still we waste it all on words Spoken without the benefit of our minds The candle burns, the edges framed Our best intentions waste away more

Brain death, blind desk, school damage, straight A's Sixteen, on the honor roll, I wish that I was dead Hate my Parents, I got zits and bruises round my head Pressure's on more

making something out of nothing with punk we have a start you can see it in our faces we're here to kick society's ass rejected by the masses and rejected from the more

You say you're here to keep the peace But look at how you're protecting By instilling fear and intimidation By using violence and condemnation How are we free when more

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