700 Ft. Ceiling Lyrics & Chords By The Tragically Hip

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Lets go to the park
lets go watch em floodin'
out there after dark,
don't have to think of nothin'
and I love that for,
for the way I'm feeling
700 foot, 700 foot ceiling
Lets take it to the top
of the tobacco nation
we can aim the dish
for hardcore invitations
and I hate that for,
for the things I'm thinking
when the clouds are low,
700 and sinking
It's part hard,
hard to remember,
its part hard to say (*backup begins to lag)
parts unknown, unknown forever
and those parts fade away
but leanings toward,
toward a full-stops
all i hear you say (*backup stops lag here)
One foot on the stump
the others on the pulpit
700 foot, 700 foot pulpit
and i love that for,
for the way I'm feelin'
700 foot, 700 foot ceiling (*its part hard, hard to remem-
In our own back yard, -ber its part hard to say
we could do some floodin' parts unknown, unkno-
when its cold an dark, -wn forever, those parts fade away*)
don't have to think or nothin'
don't have to think or nothin'
* = backup parts

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