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Countless creatures kept to die,
bash their brains
to find out why,
electric shock includes stress
void of results are these tests.
IT hasnt helped us in the past,
so why do you make their suffering last,
of course its cas you're getting-rich you
dont care for life one bit,
we've beat disease by changing ourselves,
so take these cages off the shelves,
we only want them to be free,
a lifes a life cant you see?.
Test the limits of thier mind,
it sheds no light on humankind,
the medical industry is a farce,
Here's where liberation starts.
Placebos to keep you content, you know not
where money's spent, you find the labs which kill
to cure but are they sure?.You cant be sure you
didnt see what happens past those walls, if you
did, youd be appaled, our bodies are not structured
the same, liberation our final aim... uvisection is
scientific fraud!!!

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