A War On Reality Lyrics & Chords By Witch Hunt

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Screaming of freedom as it slips from our grasp- An
empty idealism
drapes from every highway overpass- Chic redneck
fashion- Waving their
flags- Mass-produced like their mentalities- Join the
witch-hunt on the
"rags"- Scapegoat their olive skin- 9/11 is the
catalyst for a backlash
the likes of which we've seen too many times before- I
want to see your
blue blood bleed red- You've go the nerve to call
yourself compassionate?-
But who funded this terror on which you wage war?-
Left and right find
middle ground fighting terror with terror?- Don't you
wish you were there
as the houses join hands and sing the battle hymn or
the republic?- Rev
up the masses- And this is compassion?- 10, 000 dead-
Collateral damage in
your war on reality- Manifest destiny under the guise
of security- Repave
the terror trail we know all too well with the blood
of the world.

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