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You can see right into my mind
Try to keep it together
Someone's gotta look through you to find
Your soul out there somewhere

All our songs
Back before I even remember
And I recall those old songs
Sound like they've been here forever

Ohh man it's over
Man it's over
Or so they say
It is over
When we know there's no other way

And it's so hard to tell
A face that never rang a bell
It's like a lightbulb went out in my head
And now we settle for this complicated metaphor
And leave the simple truth unsaid

All night listen to the second record
Yeah I love these songs sounded like we're in this together
And I found a place where I know I'll always be tethered
And I knew when I woke up
Rock N' Roll will be here forever

Form a cloud, make all of your particles
Separate and get together
Rain on down
Show everybody what it means to get wet
Let's take down all the umbrellas of
All of our enemies I'll be fine
In Idaho America
In the 21st century

I'm alright
I'm sure I'll be alright
But I don't know, no I don't know
I'm sure I'll be alright
But I don't know
I'm sure you can smell the sky and
Did you know that it is in your face

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