An Experiment In Homicide Lyrics & Chords By Cannibal Corpse

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Walk away, into the dark
Come my way, terror
I am the evil within each soul
I take the spirits of those I kill


Decomposition, The body rots
Rotting, rotting body parts
I killed the first
To experiment

I don't want to hurt you
I just want to kill you

Torture, I start to cut
Carving, blood slowly clots
Horrors, mutilations
Homicidal experimentation

I set the dead on fire
To decay in flame
Homicidal desire

More are marked for murder
More victims to capture


Bodies hang dead
Drained of all their blood
Pieces sewn on backwards
Neck with no heads
Mutilated, dead

Homicidal desire
More are marked for murder
More victims to butcher

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