An Interlude To The Outermost Lyrics & Chords By Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat

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Untouched by the sunlight Or the moonlight I stand like a statue As the stars bring their light Then I saw your face I looked in your eyes With a smile to die for more

Wir rufen Deine Wölfe und rufen Deinen Speer, wir rufen alle Zwölfe vom Himmel zu uns her. Wir rufen Dich vor Allen. Nun kommt die wilde Jagd, nun laßt das Horn erschallen, more

Shifted back to worse No more flowers in return All is left to fall and burn Faceless and reversed Silver threads across my head Dress myself in crimson red No more stars above more

Dying be the fire that keeps you warm but embers of the heart for the silver one may kindle again... eat the distance from the place of ill more

Foresee the traitors of the future embrace the changes of today Fulfill the secrets of tomorrow to change the outcome, of yesterday We forgive the world for nothing as more

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