An Interlude To The Outermost Lyrics & Chords By Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat

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Dressed in our uniforms so fine We drank and killed to pass the time Wearing the shame of all our crimes With measured steps we walked in line We walked in line (x8) more

Could it be the worst shall fall And misery's gloom be the heir to life? Is there a choice between life and its end? Must we choose what hastens to fulfill the loss? more

In the first day of winter the last day of fall We dance in the snow and remember the sun We drink to the visions of winter advancing Embracing our marrows with coldness unsung more

Instrumental more

An owl's cry echoes through the woods of old in the untamed wilds beasts stir and behold Dark, heavy clouds in horizon's arms tell of a storm a slowly waking tempest in more

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