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Sup bitches. Sup bitches. It's Chad Warden here, aight? I'm talking about that PS Triple. The PS Triple. I ain't talking about that Wii. The Wii, shit. Shit, people be talking about how it's all new and shit. But you know what I'm trying to say? I'm trying to say, is that. come on now, the Wii? Come on, that little controller, that looks like a dildo. I ain't, I ain't trying to play my games with no dildo, aight? Maybe if the game is, like, WarioWare: Shove It Up Your Own Ass game. I don't know if there's any minigames where, you know, shove it...read more

Sunrise Cat3r 2 u Lost messages Import Dead feelings T i m e ❃ t e m p l e Cold heart Gucci gundam Wit da extras Into the tombs Im in it foreal The swing 1767 Its alright I want 2 hold her U r ♡ h a r t ♡ i s ♡ t r u e Deep Murder theatre I know the oceans speak Sharingan boyz Something unpredictable Die a dream Lets get away Lust G4sol1n3 Break the silence Watching demons dwell Blink187 Lay me 2 sleep Portra1t of ruin 1986 honda motorbike Nordic fog Sunlight cam3 in thru my window today Interlude Cash Heartache Show her Nothing goes Til ur dead S1l3nt scr3ams Sund4y morn1ng Heartsfull Garden Gothic Rainy eyes ☓☓idk☓☓what☓2☓feel☓☓ Suicide tribe D1g1 mon3y Pleasure Bury ☠ me ☠ on ☠ thursday Thief in law Razorblades Mecha cor3 Courtyard gardens Jayyeah x highclassfilth Smoke L1v3 2 t3ll Cyber grl S l e e p l e s s ▄︻̿┻̿═━一 l a n d Im outside ✂ of ur window ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ Mob1l3 anxi3ty The doctrine of angels Autumn leaves Prophecy Undon3 Pretending were in luv Broken ep Think Ultraviolet Cloudy echos The lords Pine trees Now i eat pizza everyday Do u care Nvr gna g1v3 u up S0 k33l I c4n tak3 you Pool Viriginia Digi luv Bl4ck n4ils Her funeral Alleluia Wings Cold blooded Consciousness Night ride Death death death Crowns Jimmy Butane Guilt Lil tokyo No n33d 2 worry feat kid hnrk Rosegold Pray to your god intro Prayers to love above all things Caught in a storm i need no shelter from Rip alicia tyl3r Hephaestus Graveyard legend Apostles Archangel michael Harps in me Grand entrance Hittin licks wit freddy krueger Bby sal3m Become real The day i left her room Death pact Highway Liqour Always yours Mudd Foreigns now Victorian Madonnas Deniro Born November pain Evening feast Apollo Far Summertimesadness jayyeah remix Drivin on ice Cherubs Robbery Cold album Goin crazy I wana b there Eternal ep Sleep in riverbeds Die evil ✧ʕ̢̣̣̣̣̩̩̩̩·͡˔·ོɁ̡̣̣̣̣̩̩̩̩✧ Red ice New frontier Sushi Heavenly Metals Awayyyyyyy Lovely corpse Under a freeway overpass Jaytoven Glass Boarded windows Palace temple Virus ep Black skies album ☠ golden ☠ coffin ☠ Sexwithadeadbitch Frozen Codeinepainkillers Money forest Giving up Grim reapperr Prince of darkness Mental architecture Sathanas Rotting Heroinod Never go High off u ærth angel Sleepless ☎ Bathtubsuicide Capsule corp Bleed Condemned Thosedays Die cops Showed u love Sacrifice Lucid Candles Black chevy Cathedralnoir Iodine Came thru like mozart Gargoyle ☨☨☨suicidecult ☨☨☨☨ Wing zero W҉̨e̸l̡͞l̵̨͘ ̵̶i҉s͞n҉’t҉ ́th̢̛̀a͝t͡҉t̶̵̥͙͙͍̱̬̬̗͈̮͟͢͢ͅo̵̴͏̡͕̥̰̳̜̝̲Ù̶̧͚͓̻̤̫̩̥̼͜c̪͓͚̯͉̟̠̦͕̯͈̝h͏̵̖̯͈̦̙̭̳̟̦͔͎͠Ì̘̜̹̻̲̤̼̰̖͞͞͠͠n͏̲̗̖͙̝͉͎̹̀͞g̡̧̛͓͈̺̼ Im here again Mask Tired I got no soul ☻☻☻☻ Liftoff Suicidal clique ☺☺☺im dead inside ☺☺☺ Heretics Red phosphorus ☎☎☎ Bebe shirt Desomorphine Where we lay ep Abyss Shopping Operation meteor Watchin souls Bankroll Paint thinner Necrophilia Kokiri Relena darlian I will meet u there ft john mello Island of calypso Asylum Moor Euronymous Matters of the heart Dragonstomb No reflection Pill Occult Sacraments Dogs Powered up Sinner Schizophrenic Dead Venus Draculas lair Pheremones album Hngurslf X Death in her arms Red † eyed † swordsman † ep Lure me to the depths It never changes Death of the pharoahs firstborn son Dwell Void Social Lake hylia Fuk ♆♆♆♆ Lucifer wears ralph lauren Among the ruins Majora Ominous Lament to icarus Assumptions Darkmagic Pink molly Shawty like ta flex Serene Dead boy clique Stillkill Fedex SurrΣal Artnouveau Unbaptized Satanismyhomeboy Unsettled ep Loversbones Blackheartkingdom Sanctity Offerings Low health Unwelcome confidences Emilia ☩ ☩ ☩ ☩ Windwaker Resonance Mindgame Xxxxxx Helvete Maverick Tedbundy Proclaiming claudius emperor Venerables Initialized L o s t Hey wsup Sunkencity ep Fuck it feat jaybird Risk Clocktower Fortunate Dearheavenlyfather ep Nikki And i do kno Til the light takes me Haze Dawn Teenageboy Olympus Bloodybitch Jayyeah black parade foreva Winterforeverforeverwiner Sunset x kidhnrk Lil b mix

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