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36 (pronounced three-six) is the alias of Dennis Huddleston, who has been a prolific and leading figure in the modern ambient scene for close to a decade. Beginning with his debut album Hypersona, he has been sharing his own highly-emotive blend of electronic music, which has melted the hearts of music lovers around the globe. He has released his music on labels as diverse as Ultimae, Mystic & Quantum, ICASEA and A Strangely Isolated Place. He also runs his own label 3six Recordings, which he describes as a love affair with the vinyl format. ...read more

Tongue depressor False Black horizon Consumed End credits Neon London A final thought 36 Five eyes Miserere Into silence Song for florence Lithea interlude Isol Just one night Isolatedmix 12 Indigo Expanse Secret thirteen mix 036 Plastic flotilla Fressa fa Mist Spiraldrone03 Hills Jan20th Dream tempest c3 Deep space mix 26 Hidden track 3six recordings showcase mix A1 Have pride Moldy old world These days Olha maria Soul searching Amarra un listón amarillo Dancing calcobrena Head first Kj con susana seivane Silent ballet mix La novia de mi mejor amigo Track Nightmare Mahanyasam Vision Boarding the sea cucumber Die drei fragezeichen der su НУЖДИКИ Old bones Are you scared yet? Al kafirun Kthxbye Creepy camera angles Oxys The love is in your head Cloud chaser System of a down The return of sherlock holmes Обезьяна україно Remember me Odessarmx Kaleidoscope El cine Cpt ? Orange blossom special The man at the door This is where i draw the line I know you Conga Ikitai Confrontation Jason vieaux Schastiermx The rachel Лепесточек El encuentro New lsa headquarters Niña que tienen tus ojos Фраер Sadness Маяк Стихира воскресная Alone this night Up the shard Lies and chaos Znám jednu starou zahradu Je kadey mera yaar mil jaye Cowboy song Discover Boys like you Yanda yedthi kannad Visita de frollo a esmeralda Songo Laga ja gale Un error de los grandes Holic Gangemahamangale Absolute beginners Kuttanadan Vazhiyoram Bergensbanen Piu bella cosa Tiernamente Lune Avanzado Den man Älskar agar man Theme of a moonlit night Aku harus jujur Zvoncici Tufster winter Half on a sack or blow The lord gave the word Trillada Das schrecklichste aller ungeheuer ii Labelisation Punche puthe Bob sinclair feat steve edwar Les je hustý ПОСЛЕДНИЙ РАССВЕТ Sensizlemishem Sergey kutsuev in da mix Driver parallel lines ost – the kid Why me lord Shake it up ÁÒʹء´éÇ¡ѹ ? Katra katra Seance alternative demo mix Endingstaffroll Use your imagination

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