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Alan Anthony Silvestri (born March 26, 1950) is an American composer and conductor who works primarily in film and television. He is best known for his frequent collaboration with director Robert Zemeckis, including composing major hit films such as the Back to the Future trilogy and Forrest Gump, as well as the superhero films Captain America: The First Avenger and Marvel's The Avengers. Silvestri grew up in Teaneck, New Jersey and attended Teaneck High School. He went to Berklee College of Music for 2 years and is of Italian descent. more

"this is my choice" A flying delorean? Troop liberation Schmidt's treasure Touch my robe Pair o' docs The legend of the scorpion king Factory inferno It's clara (the train part ii) Passage of time The primer Pandora's box Motorcycle mayhem Invasion The town square "rain fire upon them" Good to go Jungle trek Night at the museum Doubleback Flight on the flight deck General's resign I believe her Evy kidnapped Giordano bruno Opening Payback time Really confused Small moves Sandcastles The delorean revealed No words Virgo supercluster A science experiment? (the train part i) Ellie's bogey Multiverse "the cosmos is yours" "alternate 1985" My first bus ride Revelation of immensity Scorpion shoes Howling commando's montage The clock tower Everything about you Scrooge counts money Medjai commanders Heart attack Media event Come back evy Bud on the ledge Test run bomber Bracelet awakens Button me up Overture Star stuff Delivering the warheads Finale Silver lining Einstein disintegrates The staggering immensity of time Imhotep unearthed We're in trouble The croods' family theme Rick's tattoo The mushy part Prologue Evy remembers Flight to fezziwigs Imhotep reborn Chance nature of existence A gift and a curse I'm lost Interrogation Marley's ghost visits scrooge Stitch to the rescue New years eve Robot romp Predator Grim discovery Marty's letter Falcon finito Saving face A hero comes home Dog tags First waltz Ride on my good man Just an oasis The truck Blain gets killed Lara croft: tomb raider Let us see another christmas Alpha mike foxtrot You and me and your dog Shine your way Search the montana What the tide could bring Welcome to baghdad Something else Billy Mac on watch Gently as she goes Pig alarm The ghost of christmas past Waiting Dillon disarmed Mac loses it Preparations The plan Mars industries Mac targeted Putting the team back together Interspecies partnership Clan mccullen Court martial The manta ship Artificial selection Another idol has replaced me Frankfurt None of us will ever forget Living in an ice age The luna temple Flying a tank Bad idea General hawk Genetic alphabet Pygmy attack Sub battle Duck soup? Family tree Carriage chase Billy stands alone Smash and grab Block war The hunt is on Retrieve delorean Hand to hand combat King cobra Lindsey drowns Maroon cartoon Camouflaged This dark chamber Love of my life Sunrise The speed of light The permian period Maid in manhattan Pat patterson Tartigrades Shell game Safehouse The rescue and end credits Titan Snake eyes Cave painting theme I have a target in mind Stellar atmospheres Who was that lying dead? Crossroads Physical state of the stars The pit battle One of those days 4 billion years of evolution The joes mobilize They intend to use them Pourquoi? Flower pagoda battle Captured by the shay ling Sifting the stars Bear owl escape Skydive getaway Orb transmission Escape from chen The way we live now Adaptable species The lead hearing What about us? Sacred searching An ordinary guy? Who framed roger rabbit suite The rise of cobra He broke through the walls of heaven Ship drop Toontown Just about close enough Mo tze Teaching fire to tiger girl Judge doom Once there was a world Judge dredd main theme Deploy the sharcs Star canopy David in the woods Eep and the warthog Going guys way The ultimate green power Blame shifting Meet dexter Mayan warriors Exploring new dangers Civil war soldiers Who did this? West from africa Getting past security Northern route Daley devices Tablet of akmenrah Some men are born great 4 x 4 Young philippe Romancing the stone end credits Flight Saved by teddy Oye Piranhakeets The shadow universe Study up on history Show you what i do Hyde and seek Outrun the sun Caveman on fire Teddy likes sacagawea Full of doubt Point of no return Tearing limbs Story time No justice for toons Marty ditches delorean Turkey fish follies Forever may not be long enough Stage coach A great man Planet collapse A test of faith Big fan Rally the troops Why dont you do right Snow scene “come with me” Teddy in two Cantina croods Grug flips his lid I need your help Where dreams have no end Hyde hits bottom Want our life back Peabody barn Spy work To vatican city The big day 450 years ago I have come back to life Angel family Finding jed and the others Airport Do you like to fly? Time passes Guano city Brighter side of death Star spangled man Gate to the underworld Escape in wright flyer Margolese compound Bait and switch I smell adventure Victory is ours A miracle At last Museum open late Velkan visit “there is no why” Octavius attacks Lycanthrope on the run We created you Hamunaptra The adventure continues “it’s something beautiful” “i feel thankful” Tough crowd “we have a problem” First kiss of the day Tire take down Got the combination Unlocking the door Robocop theme I ride the squirrel Almost dance Drive to brunch The left hand of god Shapeshifting stinger Triangular scars Everyone fights Jerry and ted to pawn shop What lies beneath end credits 85 lone pine mall Snooping around Dying wish “perhaps you brought them to life – given them a soul” Feather theme Contact Swinging into action “they want to kill you” Chez ernie Frankenstein bound Annie at the mirror On your toes Charles lyle larue The baby was right Delta force theme Basketball kiss Train escape Lol Flesh and blood The scene of the murder Warmed up Cherry catapult Warriors unleashed Roger and eddie Annie asleep What happened? Nail gun Like twins Meeting santa claus The ahkmnerah expedition Any good with that? Insufficient postage So it begins “our journey is just beginning” Marty wakes up Ernie finds the contract Can you see him? Flaming doo Time to go Forbidden fruit Hot tuboggan Goodnight marty Settling in Showdown Visions of nefertiri part 1 Dutch builds trap You know Trouble in the bar Gunfight montage Ouija board Lisle A touch of magic Sir lancelot Where are jed and octavius? Yellow Elaine Dredd arrives Xiangliu German embassy Male bonding Sempre viva The mythology of nigel Laaa love Marlene mcfly Another drunk driver Camelot

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