Alice Donut

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Alice Donut's lyrics & chords

Alice Donut is a punk rock band from New York City. They formed in 1986, disbanded in 1996, only to reform in 2004. The band toured relentlessly, and then, after their 1000th live performance, the members decided to take a break to pursue other projects. Theirs is a mixture of hard rock, punk, grunge and post-punk, often punctuated with brass instruments. Many of the members are traditionally or even classically trained musicians, but rarely in the instruments they play in the band. Lyrically, Alice Donut often explores depravity, domestic more

Norman Love rollercoaster Get a life Mrs carradine Every christian lion hearted man will tell you J train downtown Annie´s empty Days away Only the good die young Esp Untitled Noname Grain production in the age of cromwell Dont i know The son of a disgruntle Waiting room Kick again Guitar cream filling To be real Pinkus vib Lorelei and henry She loves you she wants you Blood on the tundra Bucket forks pock Big cars blow jobs Farmers almanac Pieces The senator the cabin boy Mojave Let the sunshine in Alice donut Phillipines Ice princess Chip away boy Cuidate Madonnas bomb Killer filler Roaches Unknown The son of a disgruntled x postal worker reflects on his life while getting stoned Sinead o connor on tv My best friend´s wife You owe me Sugar torch Head wounds bleed Drumbone

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