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alucidnation is the audio project of Bruce Bickerton. He's a classically trained pianist, and can also knock out a tune on a guitar if push comes to shove. He's been releasing records since the mid-nineties, the last ten years have seen him signed to the Big Chill Recordings imprint. Of late, he's been concentrating on setting up his own imprint, Lucid Recordings, selling digital and physical stock. He has collaborated with the likes of Pete Lawrence of Big Chill fame, Tom Middleton, Ulrich Schnauss, Chris Coco and has remixed a whole bunch more

Sudetenland Harmony Pisspot Sleepwalker Live and direct Zook Technically warm Fucked up and tired A laid back xylophonic jam After hours Neither with or without Harmful Monotracer Zooted A longing Bye candlelight Magnificent Infinite flute Sky high One forty bpm Janeiro False spore Idiom Arc en ciel Ahhoom badda badda The life of lennon in 6m45s Dreamstate Send Silver night Think about it Little ideas Canoe dreams Fog Fifteen below Fyldesque Blue horizon Genetics irresistible force remix Never return A fruity conserve Defwish Peace in c Ninety nine Titbit Forget me not Everyody has gotta learn some time Happines chords Me er Directors

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