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Biosphere is the main recording name of Geir Jenssen (born 1962 in Tromsø, Norway), a musician who has released a notable catalog of ambient electronic music. He is well known for his "ambient house" then "arctic ambient" styles, and his use of music loops and peculiar samples from sci-fi sources. His track "Novelty Waves" was used for the 1995 Levi's ad campaign. His 1997 album Substrata is generally seen as one of the all-time classic ambient albums. Before launching Biosphere, Jenssen was a member of the Norwegian dream pop band Bel Canto. more

Rush Visit Gate Tunnel Modifié Invariable cowhandler Knives in hens Twin decks Journey to the centre of the first 1.2 Sweet dreams form a shade Hypnophone Superfluid Cannon hill L'eglise Wyll and purpose Qual linea al centro Colpa mia Jōyō Gas street basin Bird watching Down on ropes Hope to god Alla diletta mia Free from the bondage you are in Juno Il mio tormento Sun-baked Tornerai? Than is the mater Midpoint With their paddles in a puddle Aura in the kitchen with the candlesticks Cloud x-4 Narrowboat Cimmerian shaft Addio White lightning Modulation of static Blue is the new black La sconsolata The rotunda Corona Departed glories Vi kan tenka digitalt, vi kan tala digitalt Insomnia (alania mix) Valchirie Rimanti in pace Whole forests of them appearing Augusta road Mutata Adagiati Die luftseilbahn Tentati Countdown to darkness You want to see it too Behind the stove The seal & the hydrophone v.1 Daddylonglegs Snapshot survey Trasformati Meltwater Visible & invisible Endurium [substrata jap bonus track] Reef Tomorrow then we will attend Laika With precious benefits to both La petite mort In good case and rest Fall asleep for me Mosaïque Mother, your son is... In the shape of a flute Pneuma Heights of the depths Inner ohm Spring fever Bevegende rytmer North american sequence Attalal No government Love cure Calais ferryport Digits 3 Blue monday Dawn at vara Som evige stjerner A girl dancing is a girl smiling Tuxedo Microtunneling Med ural til ural It's gonna be allright She's a star Spaece Warp warble Baud Naust Space is fizzy Biosphere ii Search Rachels wire Levende fangst Ectozone Clovis Coulee Fluvialmorphologie Eternal Det var kulmørkt hjem Dropsonde Ultimate ambience Tranøy lighthouse Kill by inches Minuarta Reload Hoodoo B9 Slowly etching Front line Live in den haag Pipistrellus Strigiformes Outside by the fjord Insomnia Das subharchord Original mix Night and dawn Arctic mix Gebirge The fires of ork i Aedena cycle ambient mix Talk to the stars Feber A byte of amc Introduction The operator Unknown ii A fading dream In heaven Double exposure Cycle 92 In your system Infinium Nouvelles machines Man with a movie camera Track 2 A way to focus the mind Micro music Energy to earth Pastis coloured ocean Secret thirteen mix 054 Disc Oma Touching a nerve Cybrid Touchradio 48 Black hole Does music affect plants? Redfolks Trapped Hypnotic backwash In symbiosis with the ocean Birds taking flight Dreamons Polychromatic Live pa yel 2 Snurp 1937 Refract Void Optical Calmness and serenity Life in retrospect Betrothed to the wind Mr barth in the sahara Borssele My soul unfurls Cradled by the clouds Shimmer Runaway Source of life Bi r not 2 bi Under the glacier i Centrifuge Turquoise waters Voyage following the veil Serenity Spa delights Dodewaard Mirages Waveforms Shine on you crazy diamond Oxygen on fire Ambient patch Uva Unlimited horizon Jobo rabzang De du da da di Cool water bubbles Interspace confusion 1 A free universe for a free mind Delft Kalkar Vitality and plenitude Finger licking bad Softness and peace Alddagasat ipmilat Euphoria Lying buddha The time to live Between heaven and sea

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