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Black Moth Super Rainbow is a psychedelic band which formed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States in 2003. The band consists of tobacco (vocals, synthesizer), The Seven Fields of Aphelion (synthesizer), Ryan Graveface (guitar), Ponydiver (bass), and Iffernaut (drums). The band has released six albums: "Falling Through A Field" (2003), "Start A People" (2004), "Dandelion Gum" (2007), "Eating Us" (2009), "Cobra Juicy" (2012) and "Seefu Lilac" Deep in the woods of western Pennsylvania vocoders hum amongst the flowers and synths bubble more

Runthroughoraroundthepark One day i had an extra toe Yourteethandface (marchingalong) We are the pagans (dandelion gum outtake) Leafhead, sing to us Zodiac girls Monohymn Feel the drip Jogging home Seefu lilac I saw brown (pre-bmsr from 1999) Silo Black yogurt (feat. mike watt) {super secret track} The chew Unfinished sketch 6 Since you've seen her Dvd sweetener Brotherhood of sisters Warm water leviathan Umbros vorhees Hidden track The dark forest joggers (dandelion gum vinyl exclusive) The fields are breathing (tobacco's wispy version) Sunburn fudge Just for the night - bmsr remix Let's burst (unreleased 2005) The runner Hairy eyes The wettest day Citrus flavored eyes The children's television workshop Understanding love through a singing forest Quiver the good times Lake feet (covered by milieu) Hazy morning organ (live) Melting on the meadow (start a people outtake, 2003) Weird winds Side 9 (unreleased studio version, 2004) Windshield smasher (longmont potion castle remix) Spiracle Zodiac girls (pony version of 7') I saw brown Psychic swelling Sun stained places Elq milq Beds Runite castles Tony face Foxy and the weight of the world Hidamari Day on a bike Eating us pieces Flower beast Folks with magik toes Bad fuckin times Summer 2008 demo Gross magik Born on a day Sparkling pink teeth Bonus track 1 Carpet Bugs Passage song 1 Marijuana Pregap Once i was almost magnetic Constellation dirtbike head Our sandbox Vietcaterpillar live october 5 2004 Soundcheck August 2001 flower child Winter lmnop Found sound Motorlicker Aphid Oxeye Cobra juicy album review Unknown song Satanstompingcaterpillars Copying soup onto sexy birdy What went wrong? Theexactsamenoiselevelofbirds Start a people Trees Black moth super rainbow Trillium Eruption Berries that burn Owls Afteriampollinated Grease wizard Moveintoblue Tctvw Sun lips scrabble version Pink goo Tape eater Yum yum cult Goodbyemethod Street trash Apple worm apple worm Little pink riding hood Eye punch

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