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Built to Spill is an indie rock band based in Boise, Idaho, United States. The band is best known for its catchy guitar hooks and the unique voice of frontman Doug Martsch. Former Treepeople frontman Doug Martsch formed Built to Spill in 1992 with Brett Netson and Ralf Youtz as the band's original members. In an interview with Spin magazine, Martsch stated that he intended to change the band's lineup for every album, with Martsch being the only permanent member. After the band's first album, Ultimate Alternative Wavers (1993), the lineup chang...read more

She's real Water sleepers - bonus track This is what i believe Freebird Hand it over Ripple Fly around I try Unknown track 1 What goes on You in reverse Canned oxygen On a tip Dream police Back to your fun Imagine Come over What is life Will work for food Cortez Third uncle Open Easy way Midnite star Hard time killing floor blues Rentals I dim our angst in agony This night has opened my eyes Wait While my guitar gently weeps Encore break Bomb shelter part 2 Virginia Love as laughter Brianscottdaveintro Canada Perfect from now on ร้อยเพลงรัก Tuning Cowgirl in the sand Disabled at the beach What if your dull Age i felt A gloss siren Far path tall sign Crowd Never forever Thanks from doug Keep it like a secret Track 02 Allen the cowboy Take the money and run Paper planes Ancient melodies of the future Made Mr crowley 02 traces Pinback Phil ek 5 on 3 In my head Tarpit Stevefukkinc Dream White man in hammersmith palais Extra fun crap Offer Car 1994 My baby Ancient me Liquid boy Good enough Impossible So and so so and so 03 on the way Alien fugue Flustered 04 some other song Trimmed 08 done Window Lift Still you stay with me Tongues on thrones ? The normal years Control this dream Love travels faster God wrote a song Straight to hell Heart Peanuts theme

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