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From his days DJing and throwing underground break-ins for over a decade in the late 80's - early 90's rave scene in his native San Francisco, to a life of seclusion within the ancient walls of Shaoxing China, where he until recently called home, Brock Van Wey, aka bvdub, has lived and breathed electronic music for nearly 22 years. Beginning his own production forays in 2006, his overtly emotional and hypnotic sound spread quickly through releases on Styrax, Meanwhile, and his own Quietus imprint, before further honing his trademark sound more

Different place different time The wall between us You said the future was ours Broken bridges Alone at last A prayer to false gods I would have waited 12 degrees If i could do it all again I break all around you Winter 1974 Without a chance to say The danger of happiness Anyone who remembered you is gone A silent reign Instead i left you The joy of loneliness Warm tears in three colors Dreams of reykjavik Somewhere far away Dreaming of your downfall Losing at your own game You tell me to be strong As we remember a life of love But i am broken A quiet vengeance When you realized it was all a lie Safety in numbers Aether Save and sound A human letter from the air Xiayu And i want to be as strong as you Crushed under the wait Closeness makes the heart grow colder Way back when Vermillion 01 Hespiredes Only the willow remains Wish i was here 02 Alone in the crowd 03 04 It was going to be so easy 07 06 05 09 08 Moirai Hypnos 10 Thanatos 13 11 12 A thousand words 14 I knew happiness once 15 Mingtian 16 17 18 A gentle hand to hold Waiting for the world to go by Forever a stranger Glimpse of infinity White clouds drift on and on 19 Where to now Where they can never hurt us In white pagodas ill wait for you After your beauty fades See you next time Sleeping fields of jade The banks of the lethe There to watch you fall Surrender to your cold embrace Beauty is in the eye of the pretender Nothing you want will ever come true A willing end When Palace of winds All the bridges turned to buildings Faded truths One day someday 9900 sorrows Put your lies to rest Lie in lone Deep space mix 21 I remember A moments peace Isolation Bvdub Tribes at the temple of silence On deaf hearts your prayers they fall Every day itâ•˙s the same Wishing We were the sun Mountains will keep your secrets Empty houses from above Flowstone Bvdub against the vanity of our kingdom We live this Ollo Kalimba sketch You’ll miss me when i’m gone Return Strong again Forevers end If only for a moment Gone but not forgotten Red rugs of infinite grass Got to carry on Hold still without me A canvas for your yearning Finally i disappear from you Reach for me Time of brock van wey Than to have ever lived at all I wish i could say more than this In loving memory From the bridge i see the lights of home You are here When love lived When someday comes Your crocodile tears Bvdub love mix Another morning another day The bigger they love the ha Waiting on the south mountain

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