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Converge is a 4-piece American band, formed in February of 1990 in Salem, Massachusetts, United States. Playing a blend of extreme metal and hardcore punk, this pioneer outfit helped define a lot of the rudiments of the fast-burgeoning metalcore and mathcore genres. They first started by playing covers of hardcore, punk and heavy metal songs, being self-confessed "hardcore kids with leftover Slayer riffs". The band soon graduated to playing live performances in 1991 after recording some demos on a 4-track recorder. In their latter years, more

Zodiac They stretch for miles Yesterday The human shield Savior salvation Minnesota But life goes on Exhale Love as arson (alternate version) Wolves at my door Serial killer Conduit (live) Disintegration Clean Wolverine blues Annihilate this week Whatever i do Locust reign (live in california) Clean (depeche mode cover) Dark horse - bbc live version No heroes album overview Look back Open your eyes Gravel Glass tornado Gringo Bed of flies Infected womb Destroyed Madara Pentassam constellation Track 03 Tataki Landfills if extinct possibility Where have all the flowers gone 04 dead Insurrection of the living damned Unknown song Aimless arrow gopro pov drum cam Converge 11 in her blood Without any answer Burn in hell Deep inside In this freezing night Credits Rgb Fail Broken Binky Whole lotta 1 Trash Petitioning the empty sky Mosh pit fight Giving him praise Bitter cold Fighting music Solid state Хуй че поймешь ёпт Celluloid Come on over Letterhead Pneuma Have patience I Grant me the strength Oblaat Moyura Quest Cornucopia Hell is here Will by mouth Album preview

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