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Cross refers to many artists. 1. Cross was a Canadian RAC band 2. CROSS is an Swedish punk musical duo, active since 2012 and composed of vocalist Robert Pettersson and drummer Erik Viklund, from now long gone Masshysteri and The Vicious. 3. Cross is a hip-hop producer based out of Russia, also a member of The Mannkeyz. 4. Cross is a black/death/thrash metal band from Seattle. 5. Cross was a USA(New Mexico)Power/Progressive Metal band. 6. Yet another Cross is a Swedish progressive band, fronted by Hansi Cross. 7. And another band from more

The earl of doncaster Gimme time Shake your enslaver On the other side Deep Life changes We are the land Conflagrations The fake Introverted mirrors Put it all down to love Mikroghosts 2 Hand of fools Hypnotic Cincinnati Nuestro destino Run for rescue The battle of thalijma Sense of wonder Urgency and the breeze My throne in heaven My older brother Somebody gonna die tonight Crudo y salvaje Armoury show Eyed mary Margat Brutalidad Poison into medicine Colours Fanfare song Bläckfisken La autopista Un minut Schpingale Say Torre de cristales Instinto salvaje Temple Como antes Life not dreams Sal sal Plingeling Cranked out Deepexplorer Spellbound New dimensions Sonne Дед Hot boy Joven viejo Simplesmente jesus Sailing La bruja Charade on a razorblade Flag of convenience Entangled Las calles de mi barrio Bobble head One neck two chains Solo quiero salir de aquí Mujer de cuero Descenso inevitable No le tengas miedo a la oscuridad Diamond tears Serena Ohio all stars Hacia los mutantes El virus de los amplificadores Дед ремикс Mudou meu viver Lady strange Paradox El manicomio While there is time Emergency I Electro dance Quick shoe Himnos de la muerte Purple haze My favorite baby Time waves When the rain comes Wielki kpiarz Impregnable eyes Trocando el corazon por una piedra Terminal tough guy Pelo teu amor Quero mais Poder para crer Sudamerika Rhiannian daey Pianobar Hidden track Easy Pulsujący bar Survival of the scum Silent way Cross und quer Dreams of my girlfriend Winter vacation Wedding song Platonism Zostać w tobie Teatro en ruinas Flügel Irgendwann Bahnhof Die reise Jml Einmal Dear friend Ziehs dir rein Dvno Por que? Xellow らびぃんゆー Feel the force Total freedom Silhouette Fluminaiton あの頃のように Leben Kehrseite Zamiast kołysanki Surfin on an oilslick Death rattle Mission impossible Zanim obcy ktoś Himmel Krieger sein Nicht weiter Rot Desistir de volar Stille Intenso juego Única salida Rhythmic bible Ivanhoe Inside black box 夏に逢いたくて Recuerdo automatico God fucker Waters of nazareth Kyukyoku no katana Monochrome vision Dying man´s prayer White lies dark truth New jack Minuta Šutnje za hip hop Bonus A miles de kilometros de aqui U okovima Bólidos violentos Abenteuer Der weg Okna zamknięte na głucho Ciągle po omacku Zjawy Asombrado y confundido Por todos los que estan muertos y los que vivos luchan aun Po zmęczonych schodach w dół Our last song Instrumental La pirámide Air tycoon Warriors of the wasteland For kitchen studio True kiss Blood of insanity How beautiful Valentine ‚ ‚̍ ‚̂悤‚É Empty barrels Je fume Think of laura Risk Zyje sie raz rmx Forever never lasts No edge Trench warfare in a manmade winter Cerebro blanco Alpha Kiedy już pójdziesz do domu Tired of drama Nn Making love On the highway La eternidad Policía del demonio Your life or mine Honeybadger Los ahorcados Subterráneo azul El virus Mundo decapitado Orgasmo Semillas Too fat to be a vegan Parar el mundo One minute to midnight Return the innoncence World wonder Uma nova história Novi val New world What a friend we have in jesus Lod rugged cross Hydra Cada dia His eye is on the sparrow I surrender all いつも側に Great is thy faithfulness Turn your eyes upon jesus How great thou art Mr cross part ii Bloodshot eyes ’©—z I see you come around My jesus i love thee Amazing grace Back to the remember No title Myglam Cuanto hizo falta el amor Roads Za ovo sam rođen 백설공주를 사랑한 난쟁이 Baysharam Dream interstice Set me free I need you Menembus batas Virtual heaven Sobat nirwana Pergi Cure for the itch Lie Full power cascara Inciertos dÍas Baby its alright Шаг в сторону 櫛名田ノ剣舞 Believers Let it go 嫌われ者のアイロニー Wont back down drums and guitar クオリア アンノウンサイエンス Record Despertar 月と少女の夢物語 비가 와 Heathen roughdraft Jou ガラクタロンリネス クロッカス Thecrossfuckthesun Eu sou pirata Party good My source Come holy spirit Blasted scene i Heart after you This is dubstep xi Djset Just when i needed you most Wine enough Santo Aquafir Prijatelj za život Wie ihr wollt Nocturne Big a little a Represente meine stadt Ame Stijena protiv sjena

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