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Born Daniel Sewell on March 16, 1981, Danny Brown is a hip-hop artist from the Dexter-Linwood area of Detroit, Michigan. Danny is an unconventional hip-hop artist who employs multiple flows and cadences, thus the moniker “The Hybrid”. His style varies from low pitched gravelly tones to a manic, high-pitched squawk. His lyrics often deal with the truth of living in Detroit: poverty, drug abuse, desperate circumstances, etc. and his own experiences in the motor city, from selling drugs to underground parties in Detroit’s rave scene. He is k...read more

Level one Succeed Change Counterfeit Fruit cocktail Squeeze precisely Lie4 (kaytranada remix) Gun in yo mouf Street of detroit Succeed (instrumental) [feat. kineses] Hot soup commercial Rese'vor dog Fresh off the boat main title theme Dip - preditah remix Express yourself She love it (feat. nick speed & lola damone) Demons and angel Metal gear solid Numbers Can't find my mind Watch 'em Hybrid Alrite huh Get down Broadcaster Save my people Wake up Murder game featuring guilty simpson Don't wanna be lonely Keeps it 100 featuring trick trick Friday night Stay on Made a mistake They call me brown To the top Lemme know Mean mean pride 65 rag back Low Tic tok Dawg thang Do yo homework Yo lovin Peaches Ghetto life Marching band Learn about me U guessed it Boomerang Live every day Dont give a What yo name is One day it could happen Sweeney song No can do Its a discription I like my pokets fat 8 mile Loosie Zap Jus chill God of war U gotta believe Sleep Dada Sound check Jealousy Cyclops Brown eyes Wtf Show ya how to pimp Stupid Jordan viii Danger zone You can see me What i talk Dark sunshine 26 inches Way it goes Freestyle Fire Cocaine cowboy U luv Got me open Everybody’s gone Set Never say never So hood Hottest mc Radio head The black brad pitt Possess the land On my shit Dick suck Homburg Worth it S o s Forbidden fruits Gypped by a crackhead Old album review Mash Sweet lady liberty Detroit state of mind Like winter in july Errthang Murder game Waves Jooky Bags double tied Standing on the corner Chewing gum Oh hail no Black and brown Keeps it 100 Wont do Accelerator High Kush coma produced by skywlkr 2010 Bad news The 25th Hem of his garment Bake potato Warriors of light Yess Skit Fuck these niggas Benz sitting on buttons Blueberry My cup I will suicideyear remixxxxx Tomorrow Dirty fish aquarium Belispeak ii Side b Toca tuesdays freestyle Medievil times Jack white sho To my jesus Toxic Piss test To call him lord Flight confirmation Jug n finesse America bless god Special eyes Dirty laundry Best life Change up 3 tearz Theme song

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