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Darkwood's lyrics & chords

Darkwood considers itself as a project arisen from the idea to express our love we feel for the homeland we have been born into and we can identify with. The music is a fusion of traditional themes and experimental soundscapes. Acoustic instruments are used as well as synthetic noises and samples completed by English and German vocals. Several topics Darkwood deals with are to be considered from an analytic historical or psychological point of view. The influence of particular events or extreme situations on the psyche or fate of the individua...read more

Tracks of live Look to the future Sexy beats Feel my desire Ponesi svoj sok Close 2 love Sweat A mello Bund Licht Kako ja volim svoju mamu Wald Diže mi se Crying game Stone Dont stop Puž s nogama Razboli se lisica Thrill is gone Moj bubanj On a trip Vodeni miš Theme of darkwood I have a dream Wait a minute In your face Poljoprivrednik slavko Gljive Strujno kolo Outro Daj mi jednu ladnu Cirkus Stolni tenis Miris tuluma koji se gasi Misli oslobodi Staub Treci vavilon Nothing Imamo situaciju Gluhend geist liquid funk remix Cigra Moa Baby blue U nedogled Dawn Mord lüge Kolotecina Filadelfija Heimat und jugend Ljubavna Zapremina tela Weltenwende

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