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There are multiple artists with the name Deadwood. 1) Deadwood is a noise Duo From Austin, Texas. 2) Deadwood is a noise / ambient project that was created in 2003 by the single band member, Daniel Jansson, under the name Deadwood Murder. A demo was made and sent out to several labels, the response was excellent. Since then Deadwood has released three full-length albums on "Cold Spring Records", namely '8 19', 'Ramblack' and 'Sheolic'. 3) Deadwood was set up in 2005 by Shahar (vocals/acoustic guitar), Hezi (bass), Tal (guitars) and Alon ( more

Hate Black and blue Nothing God and man Go to hell Double drop Ridicule Radio lies Feedback High fever blues Sick of it all Lovedog Native funeral Living off soup Mundane Rage Aids Farther along Willie and laura mae jones Goodbye jeff In the meantime Segmentis Spare change Train of failure Test landing Penny for your thought Cocksucka Sixteen tons Put me down Wrongdaddy Walkie talkie Deadwood opening theme The sake of gold Save me Wild and wicked world Gangster in a top hat Peacefull Whats next ? Insane kitchen Perfect circle In heaven Soul mountain Teardrops in my eyes Fuckin caskets Swearengen calls the pussy Roughcut vocals Lost in amsterdam Dead noize ft vonoiz Opening Screaming out for fame Ost Chief fucking point Dark turn of mind Look inside

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