Artist: Detune-x


Detune-x's lyrics & chords

DETUNE-X begins as a solo side project of Stefano Rossello ( :BAHNTIER// ) and releases in the 2004 the first album "Burnow!" on Rustblade. On July 2007 Stefano Rossello in collaboration with Eric Van Wonterghem (SONAR, MONOLITH, INSEKT ) releases under the project's name DETUNE-X the album "PUREVIL" . This new duo project play live at Machinen Fest, at "Two days of Schlagstrom" and at the "Super Decadence" with Horrorist and Gitane Demone. At nowdays DETUNE-X returns to be a solo project and on September 2009 will releases a split album with more

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