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There multiple artists with this name: 1) Disrupt were a 5-piece anarchist crust punk / grindcore band from Lynn, Massachusetts, USA. Although they only released one full-length album,(Unrest), the band acquired quite a following on the strength of various 7'' EPs, Split EPs, and multiple compilation appearances. Since their dissolution, members of Disrupt went on to play in many other bands, including: Grief, State Of Fear, Consume, Noosebomb, Chicken Chest and the Bird Boys, The Sqwags, Deathraid, Morne, and Superpower. 2) Disrupt is an ele...read more

Forward on jah Central dubbing unit Roots matrix Last blade International karate championship Crusade Robot echos Another child dies Murder king Chrono trigger Arp attack Fuck fashion Events occur in realtime Predator Wurst dub Second hand dub Empress Babylon wavetables Power ends Bits from the bong Bestial cruelty Cosmetic filth Break out Cold war Riptide Pueblo Roots im tapeloop The future is ours Mary break Blaze bonus Toploader Innocence Power ends where resistance starts Blackboard jungle dub Tortured lungs Stop vivisection Oppressor dub Misanthropic mentality Fleisch dub Rhythm riddim Total fucking chaos Boom shiva Double lock version Right now No answers in the wind Seventeen From protest to resistance Perceptions Chosen one My again Dub it in your pocket Roll it Change tomorrow Puff the police Ursulla Disrupt Move Ganja ganja Every section Gamegirl yeah Getaway Wtf Take another The ride Tot tracker Jungle of peace I need weed Anti sobriety song Dirty harry Disrupt clash mag mix Never get caught Tot ist klein problem Saved by a ganja leaf Wee rant Jah run tings Doom They call it pot Enter the dragon of dub Weed hawks Talk to me Give rasta glory January dub Untitled Crust surf Computarized dubs Ik Jahtari mix on nts radio I am a robot Childrens crusade Bring the sensi Doom of the greedy

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