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There are at least eleven groups, or aliases, by the name of Envy: 1. Since their formation in 1992, Envy has become a dominant band in the independent hardcore and screamo scene in Japan. Their music has evolved over the years to incorporate hardcore, screamo, and most recently, the epic tendencies of post-rock. Envy is characterized by their ability to master screamo's loud-soft dynamic to evoke both crushing brutality and gentle beauty, often within the same song. Much has been made of vocalist Tetsuya Fukugawa's own skill at commanding thi...read more

Normal - skism dusted off his clown suit remix 444 words As serenity calls your name Everywhere Set to go Falling Set yourself on fire The progeny Normal No love in the club Divine affinity Empyreal son Faith Untitled Sanctuary 5 star Fallen fragments Friday night So everything Keep it down low When it all falls down Tongue twister Come over On the horizon 振り子 Milkshake 天使の呪い Chips in my dip Sometimes i think deep 鉛の羽根 さよなら言葉 Slow down Lullaby 壊れた優しさ 風と運命 左手 Up and away Party down ゼロ Put your game face on 切望と議論の揺りかご 螺旋操作 Snakke litt remix 君の靴と未来 静寂の解放と嘘 足跡の光 見えない糸 Poetry reading Status quo 安らぎと謎 Something about you 歪んだ先に 堕ちてカゴへ What we here for The stars that hang above you 風景 無我の盾 Scene jumper Tripped from behind 結晶 Reverse Blame yourself 暖かい部屋 Cycle Predatel 未知の輝き Mold Melancholy Simple things Envy All the reasons Сълзи от кръв Strahyt e otrova Posledna nadejda In the muddle of the rage Hard to reach Sylzi ot kryv 冬の空 I believe in you Firefrost 時は終わる Uprise Magic man Endure Forty one bullet Switchblade Shawty dangerous Entrance Moonbeam and the dark Second breath 代償 Вампир Gorqshti nebesa Fisting Горящи Небеса Burning again Мотив Soleil trahu Lie here waiting 限りあるもの Hurt me April The new light of ascendancy Snow Find my way Luminate the dark side Wait on you Tonight Coincide Lynx Ocp Prophecy Страхът е отрова Cocktails in selfridges Auto pilote Shakestopper Running out of words to say Flare 十字軍 Toozakaru maboroshi 悪循環、再び Hour glass Thank you Stagga dance 黒い過去 Nobody told me 震える 刻まれた数字 Built my empire Bestammelse Generic techno 消す Няма път назад 灰色の風 Savor the lullaby Motiv This sound Dissect the filth Rpm Alright In the twilight Rokstarr Whats in me Just one more kiss Spire Darkas Our oppressed minority Pulse Fly 深く彷徨う連鎖 Skank Vampir As he climbed the dark mountain Chaoz fantasy rmx 狂い記せ Предател Soldier Take it back 無知の苦悩 Dougie houser Never wanna lose this feeling In silence 足枷の色彩 水が作る風の路 Raining unlike water Appeared and was gone Oh little girl Pneumatic tokyo Unspoken You gave up Of heavenly blood A far Workout All of it Have to forget 千の痕 An absurd and unrealistic dream of peace Tragic little princess 過ぎ去った全てが眠った The fall Cried 4 u Nuro devilman 存在の証明 Интро Handle it Ordinary Crazy love 疾走する確信 遠ざかる幻 Shush Pop another 覚醒する瞳 Weekend has come Kurui shiruse Attitude Hear dis beat U already know 再生する響 理由と忘却 Fukaku houkou rensa Ashigase no shikisai Woo whop Turn off your television Последна надежда Muchi no kunou Tracing Kowareta yasashisa Riyuu to boukyaku Anthem for the rejects 統一の辞典 Momentary loss of breath Rudy 永劫の終焉 先導 Pearlescent 雨雲走る聖夜 幸福纏う呼吸 Sweat america A collaboration song Supaman A dead sinking story 擦り切れた踵と繋いだ手 終わり行く夢 灯と孤独 War The way she dance Breton Impossible Hai ni nokoru ishi My bad Glow light Vee Valiant Green with me 未完成 暗示と不可能 Ode 灰に残る意思 The course of time Ñúëçè îò êðúâ We on our way The future 君の手 Time to learn Ìîòèâ This self‐crusaders ?? Ride for my niggaz 織り上げた月の欠片 True love remix February on my wall Absolute zero 最期の記憶 Fahrenheit Somebody else Absurd behavior Walk away Âàìïèð Speed of sound You look like the man on the hundred dollar note Chill factor Girl shake dat thang Pop that pussy hoe ????? Take it to the dance floor Immortal Send me a sign Merde Velkro Echo of a song Eight minutes left Sitting in a pub Lies and silence from release Just for fun Let me be your dj Exit

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