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There are several bands/performers known as Gaia 1) An alias of Armin van Buuren - Official Site 2) A Peruvian Alternative Rock Band (*) - Official Site 3) A Korean Progressive/Avant-garde/Folk Metal band - See 가이아. 4) An Italian singer/songwriter - Gaia Riva - Official Site 5) A British band from South Yorkshire. 6) A Thrash/Metal/Hardcore band from Massachusetts. Official Site 7) A jazz/fusion trio led by harmonica player Grégoire Maret. 8) Thai girl pop group, use ไกอา 9) more

Apolo Dínamo Terrestre Europa A lei de deus Tripulante Descartable 21 heavy rain Push push Pra não dizer que eu não fale Love exists Clarity Close encounter 25 deep woods 31 midnight serenade Todo gira igual 13 streamside songbirds 33 pleasant beach La saga Galaxia 05 twilight Low tide Avalanche 41 ocean waves Aphelion Efêmero 19 showers 27 wilderness rainshower Life´s doubts 22 thunderstorm out in the fields Realice Bálsamo Refugio Desolution Rituales Rutera Orbita Neptune waves With love Crianças de playground 55 heavy rain with rolling thunder Aves y peces 26 songbirds 852 All along Mateografo Supernova Id Long soothing rain Riot of 14 Winter falls 1999 genocide 37 gentle ocean 39 ocean relaxing surf 45 rain with pygmy owl 30 cicadas No more reason 35 big surf 15 crickets and water i 06 pig frogs Eradicated Capitán suicida 07 backwater chorus 09 turkey talk 28 frog chourus 47 sparkling water Karma bulldozer This one Message from gaia 11 crickets 46 marsh 49 bobwhite dover and cardinals Quem É polícia? Exotermico Chaos Onism Corporacion 10 hoots and howls 17 small rapid Dash forward Wristwatch in a time vacuum Mainframe 48 brookside birds Audition 44 predawn Bitch 59 severe thunderstorm with light rain Channel 13 Murallas Howl 51 small green froggies El espejo 52 water frogs Somewhere Sangla hill Pequeña princesa Track 03 Praxis 54 froggies Wherever you go Midnight Fuente de poder Sleeping under a strange sky Psycho Langosta Q´enqo Of passion Keep the promise Detener el tiempo A cure for time Straight Dos Fabula Pussy cat Antartida Dale mas fuerte Quemándome la piel Prólogo Love is all i need Beyond the horizon Find out Tirando piedras I thought i had left this world Freed from desire Wana Kimi wa kanpeki da Caminante La misma piel Romper el silencio Yachad Animal That thou art mindful Bits and pieces Song of the mermaids Asunción Años luz 비와 당신의 이야기 Déjame brillar Numnious rage Never meet Shir lahava Learning Tristes recuerdos Dousuryaiinda Sun into gold Feugw makria Ilusión Clorofila Otro yo Niky Maracuja Goddess Wonderland Fade into light Marathonodromos Espacial La cancion del mimby Southern comfort Once upon a time Japanese title Dial z Song of love To forgive Magic island Se abre el cielo Terrorphobia Buscando un sueño Gun Fatal of the world Let it all out O hronos mia loupa Exo apti zoi mou Bonus track ese mar Cariño malo Fragil Trust I loved you like i should Gama bmidbar Boys Dipsa tis psihis Ana eli No sleep Big river For someone else Perdiendo la razón Niña Tools of indignity Ese mar Valensia Mind valley On hold Beloved Heaven sent Almas gemelas Konnichiwa gaia Den iparhei sagapw Shifting reality Jezebel Saving grace Mañana Deadfalls Moment of truth Hole inside Clear blue light Sorry it turned out you Boi lefanai Polychromia Una mirada Mia jup Blue book Forced to accept intolerance I will survive Ola inai wrea Uh Ima adama Enseñame a vivir Forever~忘却の彼方へ~ Mi reloj Chorus for blasphemy Flightsong Stay awake Corazon de hielo รักเธอแต่เธอไม่รู้ Formentera lady Home Liri God is mankinds destiny Why not Un lugar Primitive Turn the other way

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