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Hekate's lyrics & chords

There are at least 4 bands using the name Hekate, a German Neofolk band, a Taiwanese Melodic Death Metal band (席卡提), a German Black Metal band and a Polish Black Metal band. Folk, classical, balladeer and medieval linked with experimental, electronic sounds! Hekate is hybrid music: the combination of historical and modern style elements to a multi-faceted music style! The band was founded in 1993 and since that time it has produced seven albums. The involvement with old myths, legends and fairy tales is quite typical, the very own Style...read more

Collapse Face of the soul Blue ocean Misku Incondescent arthur Akaneiro fantastic The feast in the black Infernal fire Second hex Brake bitch Silver plate Sentimental generator Jardin d´anais Sign of silence God trust in love Nna Henry m Deathless Yesterday report Carpathians Star light Summon holocaust Burn down the fire Selftorture Late comer Furze cat Machines Dekay control Spica H Electric planet Interlude L 此方から彼方まで Rainmaker No regard A wild dream The contact My mirrors are black Profundo loco

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