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HK, properly known as Jesus Chavez is a product of the Bay Area. Floating from city to city as a child, HK has seen all parts of the Bay from the safe streets to the worst. HK was the son of a small time pimp who left his life at the age of 6 forcing his mother to take on two jobs to support his family. HK spent most of his childhood alone with music as his only friend and guidance. The silence of an empty household drove HK to walk the streets of San Francisco with his radio tape player by his side. HK would sing along with his radio tape more

Road to rocnation Get lost Taste of coke Stick up Riffage song Electrostatic Im movin out Forgive me lord Go hard freestyle Surfing throuht the veksis mind Wdatrrg Malfunction I like it Detunes bass Sour violence My boys bang Outro Veksi on vuoteen omana 撐起雨傘 Spitbag Jawz On your bike Vorg The world is ours Underwater hangten I am a boss Deadbrains Drives me crazy So long featuring young buck Günaydın melihbackvokalli Creep My attempt to mix dub A gift you can keep La chanson des vieux amants Krec dupa Bonus track When i get to the garden éÞÜê ÛÜÕÜÕê Karanlik tune lvl mstr Sende kaybolurum Terrorismo Paris Here she comes again Battle of the bands song Ljil Bad mix Powrót do przesz³oœci Rooding loop Omgang hkillaz Tanec Waiting for godot Happy walking Speed druming Sixteen mix Progressive horn Super funky Flip out Atmospheric

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