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Based in Cornwall, England. Ishq is Matt Hillier and Jacqueline Kersley. They have been working in ambient and electronic music since the mid 90's and have also released music under various other names including Elve and Ishvara and on their own record label "Virtual". Their music has been described by fans and reviewers as deep, otherworldy, and magical. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may more

Lyght Organic electrified forms 01 Bluu Fvoid Water meadows Yu listen Canis major Adrift on a night tide Cromity arc Lightship signals Smiling buddha An eternal sea T2muon Planet x Autumn light pt 1 To the gulls way Liev Kapmandu Cedar song Willow weave Ikaui Mass Sometimes Butterfly breeze Orchid Nutopia Ov tree and leaf Dream citadel Metroscope Aztec motion Hanging gardens 5am in blue Silica scope Aiosium Waterslide Arboreum River ride Parabolic glide Forever nostos mix Curved air Loko Sun tropic Being there ishq mix Mui Thyroid Cascade away Fireflys Botanical green Utoia waterfalls Aurora Refraction Uimai Airopcia Suiz Qubq Epsilon Gate 41 minus vector Ra full version Shum Uv i4b Ioioo Zhung Xziu Fyen Sanamsiu Nuiemu Trx 2z9 Cascd 13 Sun ascension Fuija Ecacia Frosv Yngsi Vr 44xi In 6r 3 Aoienoi Knul Xhosa Kizmet Spkrng Radiophonic worlds 1 ep Niobi Tuki Kqika Xoatic sun space Vnorweg forest city Vu ven Azuri Vuunayatu Amagqirha Distant light citadel Founr Neend churayee meri Nu nu Eonium sky flight Idiuia Navah Shan Holopgraphic highway Sabina spell Rvri Amoosh Meta cycle stream Rhft Amalveor dawn Verdant landscape Kalediphonius Ra original mix Suui lakes Cyam Arc light emerald Eonium falls Nganga Flowering mountain earth Luipin lullaby Celestia evensong Strobing light Endless worlds Maigien Malakut Lotus 7snake Mixed by jinn Distant horizons Centripetal Sukhbir Optical oasis Twilights call Ishq hai ishq hai Al mithal Mr lova lova Deep space objects Gobekii Bina Pbluto Flying carpet One god dub Inland Clox Choose premium for the best audio experience Nomad timestream mix Dekho dekho jaanam Nubien sunset Dawn Hymnol Monkey puzzle Dissolution Humko tumse pyar hai Xcellium Murung Ishq Orhcb Ankh samothraki rmx Flim Demo montage of a small amount of the music on the box set Cono Skyspaces Crows en wra Xwev Boa Xacxa Eioee Zoop Eki Oscil Meta Hkni Xccp Thyroidian slipstream Evensong still Cyan aquaria As star we are Fhuium Ckhi Bhei Shleep Jiilo Erdunus pasties Cubic vortex Dawn by ishq Bhakti भक्ति Ishq in wonderland Emog agog Cyantium flower Airs of lazuli Vale Mycelium dawn Nature is sung Lightbody Sama album Sycamore breeze Iao ᴴᴰ Zum griefen Yo Vioua So many lives The voice from home The invisible landscape Elvish tea Temple Zennor plane Flame of nuit Still life Sunshine windmill Mozaic rain Daisy sf mix Hua Live in san francisco Fluid skys Allah Aeolian wood Piano cruxia Terra firma Angels on the stairway Fire dance Where the evening meets the sky

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