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Kate Bush (born Catherine Bush on 30 July 1958 in Welling, Kent, England, now part of Greater London) is an English singer and songwriter known for her expressive four-octave soprano voice, idiosyncratic and literary lyrics, and eclectic and meticulous musical and production style. She debuted in 1978 with the surprise hit "Wuthering Heights", which was number one in the British music charts for four weeks and the first UK number one by female artist with a self-penned song. Kate will make again UK chart history in 2014 by becoming the first f...read more

You're the one Big stripey lie Delius Why should i love you? Home for christmas Sexual healing Ran tan waltz The empty bullring An endless sky of honey Lord of the reedy river Passing through air The handsome cabin boy Warm and soothing Cloudbusting (the organon mix) Not this time I'm still waiting Ken Un baiser d'enfant Ne t'en fui pas Rocket man (i think it's going to be a long, long time) Lyra Brazil One last look around the house before we go... Women of ireland Candle in the wind Wild man (radio edit) And so is love - 2011 - remaster π Lyra (the golden compass) Don't give up Moments of pleasure - 2011 remastered version Show a little devotion You want alchemy The confrontation Little light It hurts me Tawny moon Frightened eyes Mna na heireann Stranded at the moonbase Wild horses Atlantis So soft The gay farewell Disbelieving angel Comfortably numb On fire inside a snowball Where are the lionhearts Come closer to me babe Dali Rinfy the gypsy Pick the rare flower Need your loving Organic acid Curtains Cussi cussi While davy dozed The craft of life Babooshka beatbox demo Maybe When the rain came down Moonlight shadow Coming up In my garden Storm Ferry me over Playing canasta Magician Queen eddie Scares me silly Goodnight baby The long and winding road Where the wild roses grow Dreamtime Lionheart A rose growing old The ninth wave Gaelic song Sail away Keep me waiting Davy Let it be Come together Another day ∏ Fog Really gets me going Hold me Kidnapped on a building site Do bears? Mistraldespair バーティ ジョアンニ π~円周率 The air is getting low Here comes the flood キング・オブ・ザ・マウンテン 透明人間になる方法 バルトロッツィ夫人 コーラル・ルーム サンセット The seer Kate bush I just love you more 建築家の夢 プレリュード ペインターズ・リンク エアリアル Fruitopia commercials It hurts me aka feeling like a waltz aka a rose growing old Stranded at the moonbase aka the air is getting low aka keep me waiting ノクターン Aerial cover wave ? Surrender into the roses aka coming up aka carmilla Media comeback Kate bush 07 under ice Rinfy the gypsy aka playing canasta in cold rooms Following success Efteling Feeding creativity Something like a song aka in my garden Expressions of motion What if Preludeprologueanarchitectsdreamthepainterslinksunsetaerialtalsomewhereinbetweennocturnaerial ƒÎ Come closer to me babe aka who is sylvia aka goodnight baby 02 pi Something good Wow wow wow All apologies Baby girl Never for ever full album Running up that hill (a deal with god) - 2018 remaster

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