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Lawrence English is media artist, composer and curator based in Australia. Working across an eclectic array of aesthetic investigations, English’s work prompts questions of field, perception and memory. He utilises a variety of media including live performance, audio/visual environments, found sound/vision to create his work that typifies his interests in creating experiences that create subtle transformation of space and ask audiences to become aware of that which exists at the edge of perception. English’s work over the past decade, more

Requiem for a reaper Pillar of cloud Lines twine oscillation Longing A reversion to thole Veiled twilight Something shimmering below In an absence Room40 Fluttering animations A silent kouta Gazing into the sun Mute rings Christening the blackbird October 1 – the hunting life On hold Before that tower lies Soft plastic shell Minor lori swings Bamboo shinjuku Taima bells November 16 – dead oak Semi kyushu japan Shinjuku semi February 10 – the roar ceasing April 4 – and he sleeps Grey lunar sea Chamber Daintree rainforest at night australia Unidentified monkey calling amazon brazil Ghost towns Slowly turns blue Trigona carbonaria hive invasion brisbane australia Raven songs Fortitude to the willing Cemetary gate hobart australia Sub antarctic skua eating adele penguin esperanza bay antarctica Niagara hospital Microphone collapsing in grass sinclair wetland new zealand Shore bribie island australia Old motor shropshire uk Side a Mamori bird caller amazon brazil La voix est absente Ape caves oregon usa A view at the edge of an ice field Cormorants flocking at dusk amazon brazil Ceremic oven and wind strom walchau hutte austria Unidentified cicada outside mt isa australia Suikinkutsu taima japan Subway intercom new york usa Blizzard battering walls marambio antarctica Toy store ueno japan Tui and silver eyes kaka point new zealand African penguin simon s town south africa Various chiroptera samford australia December 24 – frost’s bitter grip White throated toucan dawn display amazon brazil Air conditioning vent shibuya japan Vlf during solar storm lake pedder australia Antarctic fur seal sleeping esperanza bay amazon Switch of the sun in you Exposure in relief Tennisplayer makes a smile Tickled inside Remarkable cave tasman national park tasmania Magpies and mornings Gradually you feel the tide at your neck A ballad for the machine Brisbane Secret thirteen mix 011 Incongruous harmonies Map51f9 Dark water Henley jetty Glenelg March 16 – heavy breath of silence Le lac Body Hydromys chrysogaster Hours alone watching fingers blur Headlights Viento a1 B1 Noir Rice field drainage fujian china Meditation on light The rocks that tear the ocean Hunter Evening at room40 Breaking clouds apart Transit Lonley wives club b1 The path Live at cafe oto Steel wound One element stabbed into the black of eternity Thrones and domains For footprints in the snow Lawrence english Weathered hymnary A remote echo A crack in the nation Seraphim Soft fuse from kiri no oto Fireworks Glimmer My dreams of sunday mornings are your nightmares of saturday night mixtape Laughing frog sweep Keshiki Exhale Water run sand And elsewhere the howler calls Make me your private party The promise of arrival Springhead I can hear the heart A frank discussion of ruins Imaging against impulse Anyone can sing Hyouga Serialspace Ising Taped magnetic Cloaked storms Chiroptera Papergirl Saturation Thin veneer On mirror and reflection Falling away from the surface The guarding thicket Drawn to Forked reservoir Reprise Heard through sand Within reach First storm of the season kelvin grove Adele penguin chicks esperanza Water boatman and unidentified Falling down a dam of mashed potatoes Blackest ever blue A summer crush Screaming piha and mealy parro A dream A whole season from yesterday Faster than cold If i dream may it be in fits Phosphorescent clouds Goin back home Graded to gray Desert road featuring mike cooper Swan featuring janek schaefer Guide and receive accept objec

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