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[1] Mono no Aware was born as a rhythmic noise project of Leif Künzel in 1995, accompanied by Stefan Böhm as a co-member for a short period and today working as a one man project of Leif Künzel only. During years Leif has also formed side-projects, such as Norm and Ms MoNo, both of them are active up to now. Whilst Mono no Aware has become one of the best known projects from German cult label Hands Productions, it is also considered one of the brightest rhythmic noise acts on the scene today, highly valued live-performer and fascinating more

Ba イワンコッチャナイ Kimi to boku 井戸育ち Hammock Me to me わかってるつもり Chikan ブーゲンビリア 明日晴れたら 夢の中で 駈け落ち Interparents Regions behind the eyes Handstep Get dumb Pataphysics of the unconscious Before until Nothing like Polski ogórki Special oranges High fantasy scene Genetic shit Mudville Vanilla Shinizokonai Indolent She asks too much Kika no sekai Crunk Blood and tears Conducator Hinin ダダ Alive Mono no aware Nocturn モノノアワレ ほらごらん 女子高生

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