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Muse are an alternative rock band from Teignmouth, England, United Kingdom. The band consists of Matthew Bellamy on lead vocals, piano, keyboard and guitar, Chris Wolstenholme on backing vocals and bass guitar, and Dominic Howard on drums and percussion. They have been friends since their formation in early 1994 and changed band names a number of times (such as Gothic Plague, Fixed Penalty, and Rocket Baby Dolls) before adopting the name Muse. Since the release of their fourth album, Morgan Nicholls has also appeared with the band at live more

Eternally missed Knights of cydonia [live from wembley stadium] The globalist Easily Twin Jimmy kane Con-science Glorious (bonus track) Piano thing Do we need this? Supremacy - live at rome olympic stadium Minimum I belong to you Instant messenger Please, please, please, let me get what i want Creep Execution commentary Uprising (album version) Falling down (live acoustic) Man of mystery Balloonatic Fury (bonustrack for japan) Knights of cydonia/close encounters of the third kind Map of the problematique (does it offend you, yeah? remix) Interlude out falling away Dead star [live from le zenith] - live New born/microphone fiend Sunburn (timo maas breakz again mix) Assassin (grand omega bosses edit) Razor blades Prague Black black heart I love you baby Popcorn Hidden starlight dvd track Cave (remix) Knights of cydonia (nostalgia dubstep remix) Spectrum (live) New born (paul oakenfold mix) [drill sergeant] Butterflies and hurricanes [remix with additional guitars full length version] Muscle museum [live acoustic version] - kcrw - 8/3/99 Starlight [live t4 performance] Resistance [tiësto remix] Hysteria (instrumental) Sing for absolution [acoustic radio 2] - radio 2 performance Innocent voices Intro/dance of the knights [from romeo and juliet] Sober (saint us mix) Supermassive black hole - phones control voltage mix (7" edit) Get a grip 008 uno Uprising [live from teignmouth] Starlight [aol session] Muse - creep Matt's concerto Invincible - live in milan Soaked Knights of cydonia [simian mobile disco remix] - b-side version Coma - non-album track Isolated system Demonocracy Boredom Forameus Rain Hysteria - muse - muse Feeling good (live jo whiley) Crazy days Madness - radio edit Muscle museum (full length version) из рекламы "coca cola" i love you baby) Cave [instrumental remix] Hysteria (live at glastonbury) New one (aka. i want you now) Who knows who Bliss (live) Sunburn (radio edit) 07 interlude Uno [live] Riff Untitled - rusty one You fucking motherfucker Exogenesis part iii (redemption) Fury (live at wiltern theatre) The small print (live at earls court) Endlessly (live at wembley) Muse Starlight (christmas remix) New born (studio version) We are the universe Natural disaster Improv. Feeling good (nina simone cover) Panic station - alternate version mixed by madeon 1 Helsinki jam Feeling good (ost seven pounds и 007) The grove in the states (live at top cats) Feeling good (fr33m4n´s dubstep bootleg) Knights of cydonia (radio 1 big weekend 06) Interview by olaïve Plug in baby (rakit's dub step edit) Группа >>>Ломаный бит<<< Fury (los angeles) Follow me - jacques lu cont's thin white duke mix Uno [alternative version] Policing the jackson funk 04 yes please I belong to you [new moon remix] (soundtrack album version) Follow me (feat. nero) Sublime Soaked unreleased Encore Believe Luster Dracula mountain Butterflies In the middle of a dream Rubylions 2000 years Where the streets have no name Introduction Pretty things Rocksong Karyanne Piste 8 Two clouds away The making of uprising Des Rock and roll and the teenage desperation Love is forever Dig down Thought contagion Something human Pressure The dark side Propaganda Algorithm Break it to me

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