Artist: Nekropsi


Nekropsi's lyrics & chords

Nekropsi is an Istanbul-based rock band whose sound spans a number of genres, including progressive metal and post-industrial. In 2006, they released a new album, Sayi 2 (10 yilda bir çikar), following an almost ten-year hiatus. Lineup current: CEM: guitars, voice CEV: drums, voice KER: bass, voice GÖK: guitars TOL: guitars, voice, samples Patrick Chartol: bass Mehmet Firil: bass Cenk Turanli: bass Umut Gürbüz: bass Releases Speed Lessons Part 1 (Four-track demo) (1992) Mi Kubbesi (1996) 1998 (2010) Sayi 2 (10 yilda bir çikar) ( more

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