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There are multiple artists with this name. 1) His new material is being released under the moniker Axiom Crux. Nicholas C. Raftis III is an audio and visual creative entity, striving to manifest inherently fused synaesthetic animations and music, via programming organic generative systems based on genetics, simulating the evolution of abstract virtual worlds of sound and vision. Designing hyperdetailed soundscapes using cutting edge custom designed sensor instruments. Balancing this technical science of rhythm and form more

How come V Halelujah Day Buzz o nerv o Funki riko Club Yyy Like it 빈 empty Työ kutsuu 아침 Hahahah I?inoi eeanniue iaaeye Gregmdancedsl ??? Deszcze niespokojne On the ohter side of the rainbow Worries Co powie ryba Plain gold nina うそつき Wyjechali na wakacje Beko 마음이 그래 Ooodraft Just a little more love Wmv Bigmouth strikes again by pla Kkk Rautaselli Time judged all Human Do inferno ao paraiso Apologize remix Massey Kaleidovision Neon highway Center of attention The legend has landed Teeth versus teeth Tio teo Thinking of the time Bared teeth Raining in the desert Circles of smoke Home sweet home Crimes and cadillacs Teenage dirtbag

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