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Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio is a neofolk and martial industrial group from Stockholm, Sweden. Initially under the name Ordo Equilibrio, the project rose in May 1993 from the ashes of Archon Satani, as founding member Tomas Pettersson perceived the desire to canalize his remaining creativity through the aesthetic portrayal of the undivided spiritual and intellectual kinship between Light and Dark, Life and Death, Male and Female, Love and Hate, Beauty and Depravity, War and Peace. Thus the genesis of Equilibrium and the advancement beyond into th...read more

Are we that afraid to die? The blind are leading the blind are leading the blind are leading the blind Still thinking about italy Masturbate Dominatrix purgatory The pleasure of pain Autopsy of a love Border Safe sane and consensual And the lions devoured the lambs The perplexity of hybris i glorify myself Cinnabar rising Out in the rain The gospel of tomas Phosphorous ascending anthem of venus Barbarossa Marching across the stupid and ignorant After reign cometh sun Apocalypse kisses The name of the star is called; wormwood The blind are leading the blin Hell is my refuge Harvesting the crop Bonus 1 Consume my burning hollow And equilibrium Traccia 6 First death Flesh 4 flesh kingdom comes This carnival of light Eucharist Glory to thee Tango War Angel of the east In the grassy fields where the Watching lucifer wander Entering the masturbatory And so forth Venus in furs Silent hymn for ms antrophy Victory starts here in the land of completion Walpurgisnacht in the grotto The miscarriage Untitled Ordo rosarius equilibrio Who stole the song? Silence Hymn Carnival Serpent Living by the sword dying by Desire of the few No festival of neither light order roses nor equilibrium Thou can not love them all wh Let´s celebrate the exploration of the human body Under the rose coitus excelsi This absolute supper second c De caceria en el paraiso The first three hours Spiritual front song for the old man

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