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P.A.L. (b. Christian Pallentin, 11 May 1966, from Anthill, Germany - aka P·A·L), began experimenting with music in 1986 & met Stefan Alt in 1993, at which time he contributed a song to a compilation (on Alt’s label, Ant-Zen). Since then, Pallentin has been releasing music under the name P·A·L. The name comes from Pallentin's last name. He has, also, contributed a compilation track under the name Pro/Against Life, has done one remixe under the name S.A.L (Stefan Alt and P·A·L), and has contributed to the projects Andxesion, and Hybryds...read more

Terrible hangdown Talking to a stranger Nuevos bucles Master race Spark a venge Un día después del eclipse Seduction anthro ii Handjob Dreamstealer And forever La Última letra del alfabeto Palimba de luna When you thought youre hard disk was going to die Dream plus Long goodbye Paradise Intercøurse Wish you were me Dwelling in the dark Distress Ewige blumenkraft Whisky to water Tae Straight to video Blindgänger Shock value Siempre vuelven los cátaros Son Je suis fou de joie Society Why keep clean? No los quiero conocer Presencia nómada Libre mercado Hallazgos del último hombre Move Crowd control Achtung Campeón Uhphex Arde el libro de instrucciones Final solution La república invisible Presidential recall Désolé Robert wyatt Black helicopters Never understand Pma Spaulding grey Новости Disturbing me Immediacy Движение New constitution Quemo pato В пути Relève la tête Kk rider Morning came No encuentro la manera 櫻花の淚 Weeks Tell me Golden twilight moments Big chris Malice in wonderland Steamroller blues Goodbye hello la Dance coming Moonburn Nasty clarinet Olkie Silas and jerome Arabella Untitled track Remember the good times Dance with me baby Sneaky private lee Visiter le monde Un homme peut changer Mon fils Ensemble 蝶恋 Yoakeno my way Sea of seduction Sur mon chemin Happy grooves Intro — billy cross 雨 Crossover frequency Arpeg scale 桃花幻梦 Они были легендами Your city here 再续末了缘 Dep Error de fábrica 白河寒秋 Octobler Ss

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