Proyecto Mirage

Artist: Proyecto Mirage


Proyecto Mirage's lyrics & chords

"This group from Madrid, constituted by Alicia H. Willen and Francisco Planellas, is, undoubtedly, one of the most solid proposals in [Spanish] "hard" electronics' new scene. Proyecto Mirage, absorbing itself in NOISE, techno and gothic rock, evolves fromits incipient electropop towards some industrial abstracted suppositions which are confirmable to each and every "leading light" of intelligent electronics such as Pan Sonic or, above all, Aphex Twin, who share with them a taste for alarming atmospheres, broken melodies and distortioned more

Automatic audience You know Sensor n°1 Feel the pain Hypnochoose Gas the numans You know what i like Agony System of signaling Ich werde 1747 Fiber optic Energy Electric engine Pulsing zero Etileno Dont be bad Piercing ring Proyecto mirage Schmerzgrenze Stromtod Fuelled

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