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There are 4 artists/bands named Quantum. 1. A trance DJ residing in Israel. 2. A now defunct progressive rock band formed in the 80's. 3. A hip-hop artist. 4. A Indonesian indie alternative pop/rock band. 5. An Argentinian tango fusion band. 1. Quantum is a trance DJ. Gidi Snapir - Quantum - was always obsessed with collecting music and finding new sounds. Coming from a family of musicians, he studied piano as a kid but his first encounter with electronic music came in the late 1980's when he first heard new wave dark industrial music. His d...read more

จม ต่อไปนี้ ยอดยาหยี เธอรักเขา Popcoren dance ลูกพ่อขุน ชอบใจ Each others eyes น้องชอบโชว์ Feel better Splattery presence Perasaan sebenarnya My footsteps Takkan mengerti Untuk mereka Di sana selamanya The one Known to be lethal Stepanova Tinggalkan aku Burst into flames Same old road Africana The purple gates of sleep Your secret fear Cool wind No limit Rainbow Calls Old man Solang syndrome Voxi war Photonic Anthem to the unknown Forbidden s Time symphony Hello? It cant be wrong Whatcha say Nyatakan semua Downfall Walking on air Headhunter Vibratory fields Create culture Anyway you want it Malnourished My world Circuits underneath Steam For you Miaoshan From bath with love Here they come Everyday Subsoil Chwila zwątpienia Sensiverse Staying here Tarantuli Pressure convertor Mai mar kor yah mar Electro polis Loop Nanotech extinction cut the fuck up You cry Personal Lateral thinking Tag Stray bullet Make me feel Space kiss Wasted life Fell Piss u off Run Here away Converted Ripe Coming home Distorted Exile Digital nation Implosion Ivory keys Me and you Impreza Circle Но сзади комар Wciąż mówie tu o sobie Channeling Aire Relax Victorious à¾ÃÒÐà¤×ͧ©Ñ¹ Skank tank Hide and seek Next level Testi Hey sexy lady Sick tonight Punchline Heartbreak Damaged Momentum rhytm only Dubster Free Twilight phase quantum remix Nights in white satin Moontouch Marshal law Neurologic Hyphnotec Alles wird anders Orient Riffej Petrolium bass

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