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There are multiple artists by the name of SCH. 1) Sch (from Schneider, his real name) is a French rapper from Marseilles, of German origin. He blew up in 2015, after releasing his debut album A7, reaching 30'000 sales by the end of the year. 2) SCH represents one of the most significant names in the field of alternative rock music in the former Yugoslavia. Formed in the mid-eighties in Sarajevo, the band has had, to this day, an intensive creative and live existence, its popularity mounting from one day to the next, although never crossing more

Blur The last of summer De larmes et de sang remix Pankerica Glut Dream Karim Gamberge Long night at roxy Shivering lap Oh Što je to tako Lampadaire Ne neue welt He takes my something three times on day Invisible worm Birthing babies on the sly Xiiimilesiv Days in days out Great scrutinizer Straight to discipline On fais pas ca remix In the wake of the crimson king Inédit youtube feat nad Naša pjesma Removed mountain man Greek paranoid Reality show Baying cur Propre feat nazel Early morning Defender Piss off to where you once belonged La belle vie remix feat bayssou Zrnje Chant Faith Cum dederit dilectis La rue sans foi ni loi feat nevroz Faith and anger Ein bosnisches requiem Scallop Fantastična ljubavna pjesma Reprogramming Monde libre feat kdor Cradlesong Hats off mister Eileen Europa galante Waterfront S Otlm feat bibi benga x cheikomic x matso Prazan hod Jednoga dana Bam Tu fermerais ta gueules feat les sales gosses Overdrive He takes m…x to eleven Hold ham Talentiert wie nuri Holländer Knife rider Ohne meine glock Our time Puto Feedback loop Bulbrand Pad Puisi pahlawan Ller

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