Artist: Scizzahz


Scizzahz's lyrics & chords

Scizzahz, AKA Jack Rowley (his real name), Mr. Misery and various other pseudonyms, is a hip-hop emcee from Hastings in the South Coast of England. He is part of the Genius Squad crew and OSB'z and has collaborated with such emcees and producers as Vecks, Enlish, Wizard, Pete Bysh, Dr Syntax and many others. Scizzahz releases: A Mind Harvest (album) I Will Work Harder (album - 2006) Sausages For Shoes Volume 1 (mixtape - 2008) Mizaree Loves Company (album - 2008) I Still Work Harder (forthcoming album) With OSB'Z: Lowering the Tone (2006) more

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