Spínací Špendlík

Artist: Spínací Špendlík


Spínací Špendlík's lyrics & chords

Spínací Špendlík (Safety-pin in english) is punkrock group from Northern city Most, Czech Republic. They were formed in 2001 when exmembers of group Malomocnost Prázdnoty came to one pub in Most. This bunch consists of Filda (Vocals), Palous (Bass), Paříž (Guitar), Pepr (solo guitar)and Šípus (Drums). And so, in the 2002, their first album Vítej do Mostu (Welcome to Most) came out. Two years later, in 2004, they come out with their second album Báječný svět (Wonderful world). Their songs, like Vítej do Mostu (Welcome to Most)...read more

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