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Speak! is a Southern California based emcee. While each would-be artist that emerges with an underground hit mimics the style of those before them, Speak chooses to bring a new brand of braggadocio to the table. The self-proclaimed “34th best rapper alive” unites both hip hop and indie fans alike and wins over new listeners with each electric live show, where he’s been known to jump off rafters, dance belligerently, and banter conspicuously with the crowd, popping confetti all the while. It’s a show that isn’t just a rap show—it...read more

Fuck your blog hype Opps oh my freestyle Katy perry Swimming in oceans ft sara z Dj erok x speak Are you an exorcist ? ft brandon thomas I feel pretty Tears and beauty We will never forget Song of solomon Why do you speak? Sequestro

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