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Steve Roach (born February 16, 1955, in La Mesa, California, USA) is an American ambient musician and composer. Originally a Motocross racer, at the age of 20, Roach taught himself to play the synthesizer after being inspired by the music of Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, and Vangelis. His debut album Now appeared in 1982, followed by Structures from Silence in 1984; in 1988, he released his acclaimed Quiet Music series, along with what has been described by critics as his masterpiece: the double-album Dreamtime Return. A California native, more

Growth sequence Begin where i end Reflector Heart of the tempest Temple of the frog Inquest In the eyes of the spirit Distance is near The face in the fire Birth of still places T.b.c. Begins looking skyward Immersion : one This life Time for time The origin of artifacts Flow stone The spiral of time's fire burns on Ebb Realm of refraction Flatlands Wings of icarus The reflecting chamber Carbondate Core meditation Resonation revelation Trilobite Piece of infinity Breathing the pluse Big medicine Broken town Endorphin dreamtime To the threshold of silence Sleep chamber Way of now Touch the pearl Journey of one Sentient breath Shedding the skin Hyperportal Serpent clan Views beyond The nexus place Two rivers dreaming Beating heart of the dragon mother The view from here Perfect dream Primal passage Cient day Deep sky time Adreno stream The dream circle Fever pulse Ochua Cloud watching with the toolmaker Indigo yearning The ecstasy of travel Underground clouds over a secret grotto Mastodon Nightshade Cave dwellers Lightness of being Slow rising Silk ridge Impending sense of calm Remember it now Sands of time Where rasa lives Fossil and fern Gestation Ghost train Sundial Essential occurrence Merciful eyes Transmigration Morning of ages Late dawn Timeline Flow Westwind Gone west Slow rapture Spirit moves Cerulean blue sky over a seared desert wasteland Below always This and the other Aftermath The delicate forever First murmer Consumed by sunlight Proof positive Karavan Tantra mantra Wicked dream Stars begin The graceful sky Elemental Since we are away Distant signals Tranquility base The majestic void The unbroken promise La luna Rapt in night Closer Soma Saguaro Mica Sand painting Darktime Fall of the moai Bottomless 2 Forever Energy well The wounded healer Halcyon days Resolution point Heart of light Fires burning Everything inside In the heart of distant horizons part 2 Back to life Invisible Three reptiles wait at the opening to the underworld Touchstones Harmonia mundi An omnipresent sense prevails Helix Spectrum of change Beyond the blood Going inland Specter Where the mysteries sleep Repose Love magick The only way in Metamorphic The texture of remembering Desert walkabout Different deserts Night devotion Fate awaits The well spring Magma Calm before the storm Hearafter Iguana Metasense Blood music Full moon prophecy Borderland Snake song Suspension Pulse impulse Moonshroud Ceremony of shadows Mojave at the tree Alluvian plain Eight The feeling expands Spiral triptych Passage one Symmetry and balance Phantom fever rising Etheric planet Travel by moonlight Saturday somewhere Earth island Ritual noise The sky opens Biogenesis Medicine of the moment Polyopsia Lifeforming Peace pipe prayer to the east A subtle twist of fate Nearstorm Curandera One Depart at sunrise Snake brothers Shard i Mist of perception New moon at forbidden mesa Melting world A daze wage Slow walk at stone wash The way forward Two A bigger sky Truth and beauty Indigo shift Four Day one Nada terma 1 South kiva mother ayahuasca East kiva calling in the midnight water Places inbetween Spiral meditation – part two Untitled 3 Origin Approaching kata tjuta El mitote Shamans dream Trance spirits Six Five Spirit dome part ii Labyrinth Red dust and sweat The current below Ascension for protection Serpents rebirth Desert solitaire Ultra immersion part 5 Part1 Western spaces San francisco Train of thought This place to be West kiva sacrifice prayer and visions Mojave Hidden earth and the shadows dance Bloodstreaming North kiva trust and remember Middle world passage Highnoon Pista de audio 02 Part 3 of 7 Somewhere else Seekers Pure expansion Shiprock Anyway you want to look at it The disintegration of the persistence of memory Part three Encounter passage From the heart of darkness Fade to gray Mantram Apparition collabration Today Expanding again Black cloud Heart’s core North sky Bloodmoon rising night 3 Off spring I see now 35th parallel Desert eternal Innerzone A righteous thing Painting at the edge Desert solitaire composition flatlands Mind link New moon Babel Runes Synaptic gap Ecopoiesis Man in the maze Silent conversations Well of souls Continental drift Phosphene view Kairos portal Undivided flow In the forest of ancient light Dissolving the code Peripheral vision Texture wall Gene pool Homunculus within Enigma In the same deep water Another ascending wave of life In the light of day Neurotropic Shadowlands Deep hours Call to kuranda Formations creation part 1 Mindheart infusion Cavity of liquids A story from the rain Last remnants of reality Across the waters The alchemist Circadian rhythms Feed your soul The quiet companion Portland part 1 Forty two or so Hammer falls Divine innermission The only known photograph of g Awakening earth Whisper Bow Kissing you Haze In the catacombs Gathering souls The good man Song floated down from the sky Sfmoma part 2 It’s all connected A noble direction Steve roach

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