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Task Force's lyrics & chords

1) These two brothers from Highbury Estate in North London form one of the bigger names in UK Hip-Hop. Chester P and Farma G are the two emcees you'll hear on their series of albums entitled 'Music from the Corner' (aka MFTC), currently in its 4th incarnation. The two work closely with DJ Louis Slipperz and others such as young artist Remus (10 years old when he first appeared on a Task Force album). The music is known for its dark production and melancholic themes, accompanied by intricate lyrics. 2) Obscure Canadian hard rock act who release...read more

Bonus cuts Hide Simple scratch The final countdown Optimus prime Liquid cooled Cdj2000 Little miss waterworks Hold it together Killa cowboys Scratch this suckers Police brace for violence The circus It burns Jack knives Freestyle Get him to the greek One last scratch And what? Dub plate pressures Jd on ice Love should do Take my mind away Heat death Big tings Exclusive Interlewd Mftc Down underground New mic order Great britain Witness the fitness On da mixtape Rotating zodiakz Banjo bounce Bashment boogie The 5th column Godnose You got beef? Slum rap geography Last cut Phi life cypher Concrete domes The symphony Tryna break me down The endz pt3 Back 2 back Daggo mentality So high No love Three minute movie Murda Little man First joint Want it so bad All we bring is danger Correct english Red day Day to day Glass house Push Paranoid acoustics Brimstone rock Showtime Ssdd Deeper concentration Braintax Bombs falling Delegates of funk Its over Move yourself Yungun Work out fine Beat one Rodney p Keep in check Fuck a concept Raps dont grow on trees Joe spitz Kraft A track called it All over the world The snake charmer A tenna a pop Norse code Skinnyman My last trip Menace Weapon training Killa kella Dont cry Ramson badbones Chester p If i had a wish Spend it on Home home home Jehst adventures in new bohemia Roots manuva uk warrriors Zombie lizard people Jimmys dad Land of mythology Wasting away Ska song Precious Teacher teacher Taskforce Surveillance death Best fucking friends forever Jerk off Hot sun beating down on my awful skull Plc If i dont have you Hard working Everybody comando Death of lol Dj louis slipperz braintax New product Its us were back Aphelia Farma dilla Fuck you Save me Lewis parker incogneto Big smoke Bad dreamz The task force shuffle Three amigos featuring braintax Influenza Something to feel Choice fm A funny old game Satan Untitled track Vadim Wind flowers Geballte ladung Mic killa Universal soldiers pow panorama on wax He is home Chester p the wickerman theory Tunnel vision Killa kela beat box special The next What you need Smash A time of chaos Smile now History in the making Bad boy Apostles Grimey My manz Mongo filthy Blow blow blow Incogneto Bang bang Gun noises Trust? Coded rythym talk Vadim featuring taskforce Tango The more drum traks i make the more i embarass every teacher who said i was going to be a loser Chester p freestyle diss Whats the difference freestyle Responsibilities The live session Korkort

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