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Straight on the beat, I'm bangin'
long time plannin'
they can't stand the way I'm just hangin' around and I'm llamin'
but they're not mannin'
up to the challenge.
You ain't ready for the next level vibes out,
not joking I'm pokin' your eyes out
no front, no smoke, no mirrors mate
pull bigger than the moon when the tide's out.
And imma slap the thigh, ride the wave in
if I relax the mind, it might cave in
when I snatch the mic I'm like: "mate well you might wanna scrap the rhymes you been savin'"
Probably cracked the mould I was made in
never need to be told to get straight in
climbed out the box I got played in
slavin' 9 to 5 but I'm ravin'.
Sorry mate I'm afraid the seat's taken
God forsaken MCs are fakin'
man like me need no persuadin'
get another DVD and keep tapin'.
First time round you're blazin'
second time round it still sounds amazin'
everything comes in threes
I keep bleedin
all they seem to do is complain the game's changin'.
And I'm a straight up
All out
All round
Old school
Damn right keepin' it cool

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