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And as she sleeps around her bed The blinding deadbled world spins Black sightless firepierced black universe Empty the fire as she sleeps The sleepy skeletontongued world more

Unter windgepeitschten Ästen Durchs Tannenholz am Felsenhang Über schroffer Gipfel Zinnen Tobt schwarz die Himmelgischt Stetig lauter pfeift der Sturm Das wilde Heer rast more

Fire'll never lose a fight It can be smothered but It will always come back To burn men's contempt and show Its force To revenge the offense to this Earth Wherever I go more

Regenschwerer Tag In deinem Nass erblick' ich es Regenschwerer Tag Es ist so lange her Traumschöner Anfang In deiner Glut ist es vollbracht Traumschöner Anfang Es more

Confide in me and tell me, why the worthless never die And tell to me my darling, why we cast our pearls to swine Please come to me and show me, why the dead refuse to bleed more

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