Beyond The Pale Lyrics & Chords By Napalm Death

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We stray beyond the pale,
beyond the failsafe
Narrow escape, authorised access
Beyond the pale,
beyond the failsafe

Looking in from the outside
Appealing resistance to equality
As we fall by the wayside
Producing our offspring
in captivity

Looking out from the inside
Accessing wreckage
from powers that be
The effects of a landslide
No financial gain
to restore poverty

We live behind the rules,
we are the living proof
Machines are set in constant
motion without an indication
of emotion

The medium creates the wave,
with the potential to enslave
We're dominated by the pull and so much easier to rule

Unprecedented need,
the tools are in demand
Machines are set in constant
motion without an indication
of emotion

Obviously feeding on the plains
An independent sinister exchange
Bombarded by a placid
neutral stance
Developing without
a second glance

Beyond the pale

The surface tension
is venting fast
Another social violation
Closing the space on
the present and past
We live beyond the pale

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