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Aska - Birth chords lyrics

誰だろう 僕を抱く人は なんだろう 心を満たすものは 月の光が 一枚の帯のように 約束に向かう夢を 僕は見ていた more

Aion - Birth chords lyrics

You saw the world that we had created before Your birth. Is there any chance for you to grow up in it, In love and peace? No, because I know that all the attempts to Change more

White paper and empty places The head between my shoulders, wounded and bleeding badly I can smell your remorse Stains all over Been outside and seen it all You are the master, more

Drowning into the sea of vanity Ocean drawn of mans worth By my god and grace I am reborn In hatred to kill again Nature unbound From beyond the light and dark My birth descents more

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